Domestic Inbound services program


Every contact we have with your customer is an opportunity to create and build a relationship with your customers. An effective customer care model can grow your recurrent business in a more efficient fashion.

Optimizing each customer contact is the key. First priority is the right understanding of the customers question or problem.

A good understanding gives any trained agent the possibility to give the right answer and: a well-handled complaint can actually become a positive experience in the eyes of your customer; an inquiry for information can be converted into a sale; and an account question can be an opportunity to add valuable information to your database.

Our goal is to convert your even most angry customer into a happy customer. Continuous monitoring and publication of NPS and FTR guarantees our commitment to this challenge of excellence.

A sample of our Inbound program offerings includes:

  • 1st & 2nd line customer service support
  • Order-taking
  • Technical helpdesk
  • Overflow & peak handling (including call-back organization)
  • Back Office activities
  • Multi-Channel sales & marketing support