International Outbound services program

International Outbound SERVICES PROGRAM

Successfully operating telemarketing companies is a science. When executed properly, telemarketing will benefit your business. An effective outbound telemarketing campaign involves using a simple, proven formula.

Knowing what your customer wants is what we care about. Fulfilling the needs of your customer is what we do. Our professionally trained telemarketing agents understand this simple yet crucial truth of our telesales services.

When our outbound sales staff phones your prospective customers, whether we call your customers in an appointment setting or in a non-appointment setting, we engage your customers actively. We ensure that your customers are interested in the conversation. We realize that the customers need to like our representatives in order for the customers to give you their business. This is how we practice telemarketing.

Our Active Engagement formula also involves understanding the background of your customers. Our outbound telemarketing experience has taught us that it is very important to know the background information of your customers before we call them.

Our Advantages

  • State-of-the-art call center technology
  • Detailed weekly reporting with demographics
  • Understand customer response to your products and services
  • Increase ROI by understanding your customers
  • Learn customer habits and tendencies
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention
  • Scalable solution for businesses of all sizes
  • Flexible billing plans